Serious Sex Advice from a Gigolo

Serious Sex Advice from a Gigolo

Interview by Gary Geyer

LetLifeIn: Welcome Jeremy. Thank you for meeting with me.

Jeremy: It’s my pleasure.

LetLifeIn: Jeremy, all your clients are past 50 and you are just 38. Is that just a coincidence?

Jeremy: No, No. I’m actually attracted to mature women. I find them easier to talk to and be with. And I must admit, the fact that they are attracted to me is great for my ego.

LetLifeIn: Jeremy, I don’t know how to ask this question tactfully. You use the term “gigolo.” Aren’t you really a male prostitute?

Jeremy: No. Not at all. And don’t worry — I’m not offended. A prostitute is generally for sex only. Slam bam, you know. A gigolo is, I’m speaking for myself, someone who is very much concerned with giving his client pleasure. Sexual pleasure, yes—but also understanding her as a woman — her wishes, her desires; what she likes and what she doesn’t.
Her agenda becomes my agenda. I think of myself as someone who represents the best in men in both character and sexual skill. I always conduct myself in a way so that I bring credit to myself and pleasure to my clients.

LetLifeIn: What makes you good at what you do?

Jeremy: Well, that’s a good question. How much time have you got?

LetLifeIn: Plenty. Go on – don’t worry.

Jeremy: I think the most important thing is that I am attentive. I pay attention to what the woman I’m with is saying as well as what her body language is saying. I think sometimes the body language is far more honest than the words.

LetLifeIn: What else?

Jeremy: I compliment her often. I make her feel special. It’s always about her. Never about me. I’m not the kind of guy who struts around drawing the attention. I make sure she gets it.

LetLifeIn: I don’t know, Jeremy. You look like a pretty spiffy guy.

Jeremy: I believe I should present myself well. I dress nicely – never in jeans, my nails are clean and manicured. I speak softly, but confidently. I’m always a gentlemen, although in the bedroom I am sometimes asked to be otherwise. (We’ll save that for another article.)

LetLifeIn: Do you have any special tricks you use?

Jeremy: Yes, but I don’t think of them as tricks. It’s more like technique. I spend a lot of time looking at her eyes, rather than her other features. I try to look at her and think what she must have looked like when she was seventeen –instead of 55 or 60. I try to rekindle that feeling of youth that lies dormant in most mature women.

LetLifeIn: Do you ever talk dirty too them?

Jeremy: Rarely. Never in conversation, but sometimes in bed, if asked.

LetLifeIn: Okay Jeremy, since you brought it up, let’s talk about “in bed,” if you don’t mind. What’s your secret?

Jeremy: No secret, really. First, I try to get her to relax and feel real comfortable. I caress her and talk softly. I gently kiss and nibble on all her sensitive places. I ask her to be honest with me and tell me her sexual fantasies. I ask for her sexual wish list, so to speak, and nod approvingly at everything she says. I tell her how sexy she looks and how she really turns me on. You’d be surprised how often I hear that the men they know rarely do this.

I take my time—do everything verrry slowly. I get her to a high level of excitement… I use my tongue….my fingers. I make it unbearable. I urge her to surrender…to let go. I never let go myself until she reaches the absolute height of her sexual experience.

When we are finished I tell her what a great lover she is – the best.

LetLifeIn: Whew! I’m exhausted. So at the days end you are satisfied with a job well done.

Jeremy: Yes. I think being a gigolo is an honorable profession. The rewards are many —not just the money.

LetLifeIn: Thanks Jeremy, for being so open with us. I think I’ve learned a few things.

Jeremy: Thank you, too. May I leave you a few of my cards?

Gary Geyer
is Chief Editor of Let Life In

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  1. ms esx
    July 9, 2011 at 12:28 am | |

    wow, i think he have a good personality,,i really want to learn how the sex life,and i want to make my bf happy with me in bed, i want he will feel satisfied,,,,he is 60 plus…..

    1. PJ
      December 2, 2011 at 1:26 am | |

      Yes you can. Do your best for him and you be rewarded.