6 Eye-Opening Tips for Great Sex after 50.

6 Eye-Opening Tips for Great Sex after 50.

By Dr. Joel Block
Attention Boomers! Rekindle the flame and turn up the heat with these six suggestions.

1. Open your eyes occasionally while kissing.

The visual stimulation will probably increase your arousal, as well as provide your partner useful feedback on how you are feeling about the kiss. Some studies have suggested that men bond more intensely with women when they make eye contact during kissing.

2. Practice the eye lock.

Look deeply into each other’s eyes as you are caressing each other. Hold the look. Do this more than once. You probably won’t realize how little you look into each other’s eyes during lovemaking until you practice the eye lock.

3. Make frequent eye contact during oral sex.

Glance up from your partner’s genitals while performing oral sex. Make eye contact. The impact can be electrifying.

4. Look into each other’s eyes during intercourse.

The face-to-face intercourse positions encourage eye contact. Utilize the opportunities inherent in those positions.

5. Don’t look away when you feel arousal increase

or when the connection intensifies your feelings.

6. Open your eyes during orgasm.

Eyes open orgasms may feel more explosive and emotional than other orgasms; the afterglow may be more tender and prolonged. Looking into your lover’s eyes at the moment of orgasm is like an erotic gift. Even if the concentration isn’t always intense, the practice is likely to generate greater feelings of closeness.


Joel Block, Ph.D., is a psychologist and author of nearly twenty books on relationships and sexuality. His website is www.drblock.com.

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